Once again, the people who create the weather did a spectacular job for our finals day this year.

A number of members queued all night to see the club’s elite players battle it out with professional umpires and linesmen for 5 titles. Unfotunately, the men’s doubles had to be postponed, but spectacular tennis could be seen on courts 1 and 2 for the titles:

  • Mens Singles – won by Greg Kovic
  • Womens Singles – won by Alison Wade
  • Mixed Doubles – won by Mike and Fiona Fjortort
  • Womens Doubles – won by Martha Hearl and Roz Derry
  • Veterans Cup – won by Gary Fallon

Greg Kovic, Men’s singles winner with Marcus Lindstrup the runner up.

Ladies singles runner up Martha Hearl with Alison Wade, Champion

Fiona and Mike Fjortoft, winners of the Parish Plate mixed doubles tournament

Andy Pepper with Gary Fallon, winner of the Vets Trophy

Alison Wade, Martha Hearl, Roz Derry and Fiona Fjortoft. The Ladies Doubles championship was won by Martha and Roz

Mixed doubles, won by Fiona and Mike Fjortoft together with Geoff Nokes and Remy Nokes standing in for Mel Heath who had to rush off.

Fiona Fjortort

Alison Wade

Martha Hearl

Marcus Lindstrup

Greg Kovic

Geoff Nokes

Roz Derry

Gary Fallon

Andy Pepper

Mel Heath

Mike Fjortoft

A very knowledgable and enthusiastic audience

Ian Allen and Susan Pettinger playing at Titanic, or maybe just enjoying the view

Tim Gooding, our intrepid action photographer ignores all danger to get the best shots for this website.

Gary Fallon

Marcus Lindstrup