Mix-In Sessions
7 Day Adult Mix in sessions

The idea of a mix in session is to allow everyone to turn up and play. This means making up a balanced four from those waiting. If there are sufficient people we use the book system, which works as follows:

  • When you arrive, or when you come off court, put your name down on the list in the mix in book.
  • When four players come off court, put winners before losers, ladies before gents.
  • When your name appears at the top of the list, select 3 people from the next 6 on the list.
  • We try, if possible, not to leave someone out who has not yet played but we also attempt to assemble a balanced four which may mean a longer wait for some.
  • Do not go below the sixth person; it is not fair on others who may have to wait a very long time.
  • Play only one short set (6-5 wins). If there is nobody waiting you may play a tie-break at 5-all.
Other Mix in sessions

There are other mix-in sessions for mid week players, intermediates etc.
These are typically smaller friendly groups with less structured mix-in rules.

Winter Rules

When we have very popular mix in sessions in the colder weather such that all courts are in use and members are waiting for a game, then we play to the following Winter Rules:

  • Each set has a maximum of 7 games
  • Only play 1 deuce and then sudden death with receiver’s choice of serve
  • If you get to 6-0 the set is over

Social Tennis Events

American Tournaments are held several times a year. These provide a chance to play tennis with a variety of partners and the rules are designed to balance out the stronger and weaker players so that everyone gets some comptitive  games. They also feature excellent teas and a chance to socialise.

The club also holds Open Days at which prospective members are very welcome to turn up, play some tennis and enjoy free refreshments, without obligation.

These are normally very enjoyable and successful occasions, with opportunities to meet some members, including our coach, Adrian Joly, and chat about the club as well as play tennis.

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