How the Single League Works

For the new season 2014/15, we have revamped the league as follows:

  1. The Committee has given support to the 2nd and 4th Wednesday evenings of each month for singles mix-in from 6.30 – 8.30 pm.
  2. In addition to arranging to play your matches at a time to suit you and your opponent, you can also turn up on a singles mix-in evening and play one or more of your matches then.
  3. To maximise the chance of someone in your league being available on a singles mix-in evening, we have separated players into 2 large groups, in place of many small groups.
  4. You can play each opponent as many times as you like, but you will only earn points for the first two times that you play each person.
  5. There will be two league periods during the year: Winter (Oct – March) and summer (April – September).
  6. At the end of each league period, we will add up the points earned by each participant. The top five players from Group 2 will be promoted to Group 1, and the bottom 5 players from Group 1 will be demoted to Group 2.
  7. At the end of the summer league, the top three point scorers will earn a prize.

Rules for scoring are as follows:

  1. Matches played ‘in your own time’: as before – best of three sets. First two sets to 6 games, with a tie-break at 6 games all. Third set tie-break with the first to 10 points with two clear points.
  2. Matches played during the Singles Mix-In evening: Best of three sets. First two sets to 4 games, with tie break at 4 games all. Third set tiebreak with first to 7 points. Of course, if no one is waiting to play, you may play full sets as described in item 1.

Points earned: as before, you will earn 1 point for playing, and 1 point for each set won

Any questions: contact Alison Wade or Chris Ford.

Here is a group photo of the 2013/14 league winners together with Alison Wade, the league organiser.