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How to join

Start by completing this simple form.

You will then be contacted either by a member of the committee or coaching staff and invited to come down to the club and join in one of our sessions.

This is completely FREE without any obligation and you will get a good chance to meet and play with some members and ask any questions you may have.

We will then guide you through the next steps depending on your preferences and abilities.

Membership Categories


Full Adult May use the club at any time and may participate in the very popular club mix-in sessions. There is a ‘play-in’ requirement for this category of membership (qv).
Mid-week Enjoy a reduced subscription, but court availability is limited to Monday to Friday (except Bank Holiday Mornings) until 5:00pm.
Young Adult A young adult member is a person aged not less than 18 and not more than 25 on 1st April. They may use the club at any time at with a heavily reduced subscription. Proof of eligibility may be required.
Non-playing Participate in all social events, receive club notices and may also use the practice wall.


Aged 10 and under (age is determined on April 1st for each year)
Aged 11 to 17 (age is determined on April 1st for each year)
Parent member Entitles junior membership parent/s wishing to play tennis with their child/ren and use the club’s courts. Tennis must be at times when juniors are permitted to play .


Membership Fees

Annual Fees

The annual fee runs from April 1st to March 31st each year. Adults who join after May 31st, may have the annual fee reduced pro rata for the first year. We will calculate this for you when you complete the online registration form.

Payment may be made by cheque or by Internet/phone banking. Full details will be given when you submit your application form.

Playing in

When you are invited down to the club for a hosted introductory session, you may also be invited to ‘Play in’ for Full membership. This is very informal and should be fun and relaxing.

We simply invite you to playing a set or two of tennis at a mix-in just to demonstrate that you will be comfortable participating in these sessions. Don’t worry too much if you haven’t played for a while as we always make allowances for this. Also if you are a bit on the rusty side, you can always take a few coaching lessons.

Membership form

Once you have visited the club, met with the coach or a membership host and decided on your chosen membership category, you are then ready to complete the application form.

A link to the form will be sent to you by your host.