Junior Tennis at Weybridge Lawn Tennis Club

Junior Tennis at Weybridge

Weybridge LTC has a thriving community of junior players and also parent members and many of our juniors choose to play/train two to three times a week throughout the year. Whether you wish to play socially, or aspire to represent the club in team matches we are confident that our programme offers something for everyone.

From the age of 14, juniors with sufficient levels of competence and maturity can apply for “Senior playing status.” This allows them to play in the adult’s social sessions, adult club tournaments and singles box leagues. When strong enough, they may be invited to join adult team practice sessions and when ready, will be given opportunities to represent the club in adult team matches.

Tennis Parents

We have an inexpensive parent membership category for parents who would welcome the opportunity to play with their children.  We also hold an annual parent/child pairs tournament which proves very  popular with our tennis playing families.


During the summer term on Fridays, from 6pm we hold our own “Tie break tens” event for our junior members. To encourage participation, prizes are awarded for, regular attendance, sportsmanship and other recognised sporting qualities. There is a £3 charge made to enter this very popular weekly event. We recommend you contact our programme manager Nicola Starr (See below) for details as specific timings of sessions vary according to a player’s age. Tennis parents are actively encouraged to attend and socialise. Refreshments are available throughout the evening.

A considerable junior programme runs on weekdays after school and on Saturday afternoons.

10 teams are run in the Surrey National Junior League Team Trophy. We hold our own internal club championships, enter the LTA Road to Wimbledon Tournament and host our own Quorn Family Cup

With so many opportunities presented to our juniors members many choose to play several times a week.

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